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The Government's Negotiating Objectives for Brexit

The referendum last June was a vote to leave the European Union. But it was also a vote for change – to shape a brighter future for our country, to make it stronger and fairer, and to embrace the world. And it is the job of this Conservative Government to deliver it and to get the right deal for Britain as we do. Today I set out the Government’s 12 negotiating objectives for leaving the European Union.

European Union: In or Out?

In the run-up to the EU referendum on June 23, we would like to emphasise that the party position is neutral. The Conservative Government is giving you the referendum in order to let you have your say. We at Poole Conservatives aim to be honest brokers and offer you full and free access to the facts you need to make an informed decision. Here below are a few links to some authoritative documents where you can find the facts to help you make a wise choice on June 23.

Find out more about the European Union legal system

As we await news from the Prime Minister about the referendum negotiations and any potential date for a referendum, one of our South West Region members of the European Parliament, Julie Girling MEP, calls our attention to two factsheets looking at the main characteristics of the European Union's legal system.

Julie Girling MEP Welcomes the EU Referendum

Our Member of the European Parliament for South West England and Gibraltar Julie Girling MEP says she trusts the Prime Minister to get the best deal for Britain. Following today's news from Westminster she explained: "I am delighted the hear today that The Prime Minister is on track to secure an agreement with Europe to give national powers the ability to block European legislation."

Ashey Fox MEP on the EU Referendum

A big political theme this year will be the national debate leading up to the referendum on British membership of the European Union. The Conservative Party will not try to tell you how to vote. That is of course for you to decide. But the Conservative Party believes you will appreciate the chance to express your opinion on this vital issue. In his January newsletter, Ashley Fox, Member of the European Parliament for South West England and Gibraltar, posted links to two guest articles on the EU referendum.

Now Juncker Offends Scientists

Our South West Conservative MEP Julie Girling (photo) is dismayed that the new president of the European Commission has scrapped the key role of Chief Scientific Adviser. The U-turn came just weeks after Jean-Claude Juncker assured Conservative MEPs the post would be preserved in his new administration. 

NATO Summit 2014

The UK secured a NATO style military covenant at the NATO summit, strengthening support for armed forces.

News From Ashley Fox MEP

I understand the frustration that many feel over the EU. I share that same feeling. You only have to look at events over the summer. The Middle East is imploding, Russia stands accused of invading the Ukraine, Ebola is spreading in Africa, and yet what for many was the main EU news of the last six weeks? Answer - the outlawing of powerful vacuum cleaners.

Open Letter on Europe

David Cameron sets out the UK position on how we choose the right president for the European Commission and clarifies our vision for the European Union after the the European elections. 

South West UKIP MEP Votes Against Public Interest - Again!

SOUTH WEST UKIP MEP VOTES AGAINST PUBLIC INTEREST, AGAINThe European Parliament has this month voted on a package of telecoms reforms that have resulted in a number of positive proposals including an end to mobile roaming fees across the EU. It has been agreed in the European Parliament that with effect from 15 December 2015, roaming providers shall not levy any surcharge in comparison to the charges for mobile communications services at domestic level on roaming customers in any Member States for any regulated roaming call made or received, for any regulated roaming SMS/MMS message sent and for any regulated data roaming services used, nor any general charge to enable the terminal equipment or service to be used abroad.