Janet Walton

Cllr Janet Walton - Oakdale

Janet is Leader of Poole Council, leader of the Conservative Group of Poole Councillors and Councillor for Oakdale. She was first elected in May 2007.

Cllr John Challinor - Parkstone

John lives in Parkstone. He and his family moved to Poole four years ago, relocating from Bedfordshire to enjoy all that the area has to offer in terms of lifestyle, natural environment and outdoor pursuits.He is passionate about the environment. Consequently, he is keen to protect the appeal and character of our beautiful and vibrant area through sustainable and sympathetic development. 

Xena Dion

Cllr Xena Dion - Penn Hill

Xena is the Mayor of Poole for the year 2016/17 and a Councillor for Penn Hill ward. She was first elected in May 2003.

Cllr Emma Williams - Parkstone

Emma Williams lives in Parkstone and was born and raised in Poole. After earning a BA degree in Politics from the University of Exeter she continues to cultivate a passionate interest in local and national politics.Emma now works with a variety of start-ups and established businesses, helping them with branding and marketing strategy. She is also an expert on social media and its use in business. She has a strong commitment to maintaining the natural beauty of Poole and is keen to help local businesses thrive and flourish in the area. 

Cllr Ron Parker - Penn Hill

Ron was first elected in March 1998. He has taken the lead for Poole on the South West Local Government Association and his council work has focused on securing and maintaining a dynamic economy for Poole

Cllr May Haines - Canford Cliffs

May has been a councillor for Canford Cliffs since 2007. Her background is in finance and her career was in accountancy and banking. With this background she is keen to ensure that the council provides value for money, with front-line services being protected. She has lived in Poole for over ten years with her husband, who was born in Poole and works locally.

Cllr Peter Pawlowski - Canford Cliffs

Newly elected in May 2011, Peter is a retired local government officer who understands the challenges and complexities of the public sector.
Peter can relate to the concerns of local people in relation to development control and understands the balance that must be achieved for the whole of the borough to maintain it's vibrant economy, provide homes for local people and attract inward investment via business and tourism. 

Cllr Les Burden - Creekmoor

Les was first elected to Council  in 1999 and has lived in the Creekmoor ward for over thirty years. He has been married to Maryrose since 1971 and they both still enjoy community work and gardening. Les has chaired the Waterloo Youth Club since 2005 and the Broadstone Horticultural Society since 1994 and is a former governor at Hillbourne School.Les is a retired interior furnisher and former International Football referee. He has represented Poole and England in various parts of the world, and had the honour to be elected the Mayor of Poole in 2004-5.

Cllr Judy Butt - Creekmoor

Judy was first elected in May 1999 and has worked in most areas of council services. She is a former Chairman of LIcensing and Vice Chairman of Planning and Learning Disability Champion and understands how to engage people to participate.
Her new portfolio role encompasses this engagement at the same time as overseeing the role of the emerging Localism Bill. 

Cllr John Rampton - Creekmoor

John was first elected in May 2003 and has held a key responsibility in the regulatory areas. He is Chairman of the Licensing Committee and it's various sub committees looking at strategic policy around licensing as well as overseeing individual licensing applications.
John has a keen interest in the natural environment and wants to ensure that the continued regeneration of Poole brings appropriate benefits for all residents of Poole.