Labour Is In Chaos

Jeremy Corbyn, the new Labour leader, can do nothing to hide the plain truth: the Labour party has lost its way and the Labour shadow cabinet has abandoned the centre ground. On the policy front, Labour remains wedded to more spending, more borrowing and more taxes, which are exactly the mistakes that got us in a mess before. While Labour leaders continue to struggle with their own demons, we will get on answering the big questions facing our country, and continue to develop answers to them to secure a brighter future for Britain.

Cherish Our Parliamentary Tradition

The theatre and pomp of our Parliament provide us with a living connexion to eight hundred years of democratic history. They are a reminder to each generation of MPs that they are merely the custodians, for some short while, of something far older than themselves.

Designing for Democracy: What Would You Propose?

How would you design a democratic system from scratch? Poole MP Robert Syms encourages A-level students in Poole to take part in the Political Studies Association’s Student Short Video Competition. The aim of the competition is to get students exploring the advantages and disadvantages of different types of democratic systems and create their own proposal. Poole MP Robert Syms: “Encouraging young people to become more engaged in politics is really important.”  

The Queen’s Speech 2015

When we came to office in 2010, Britain was on the brink. Our task was urgent: to rescue our economy from the mire. With that economy now going in the right direction, we are once again on the brink - but this time, on the brink of something special. We have a golden opportunity to renew the idea that working people are backed in this country; to renew the promise to those least fortunate that they will have the opportunity for a brighter future; and to renew the ties that bind every part of our United Kingdom. We now have the mandate to deliver that renewal.


Today is voting day. You have the chance to decide who represents you in Westminster and on Poole Borough Council.We have been absolutely delighted with the response we have received from you all to our positive campaign in Poole.

Conservative Manifesto

Over the last five years, we have put our country back on the right track. Five years ago, Britain was on the brink. Since then, we have turned things around. Britain is now one of the fastest growing major economies in the world. This is the result of difficult decisions and of patiently working through our long-term economic plan. Above all, it is the product of a supreme national effort. We can be proud of what we have achieved so far together. Now is a time to build on the progress we have made, not to put it all at risk. This Manifesto is our plan of action.

The Next Election

Five years ago, millions of people were unemployed, there was no economic security for our families and there were worries about whether our country could pay its debt. Britain was on the brink. Five years later, because of our long-term economic plan and the difficult decisions we have taken, we have more people in work than at any time in our history, living standards are on the rise and we are more economically secure. Britain is back on its feet again.

Good News for Families

As a result of our long-term economic plan, over the last five years we have seen results. The deficit is cut, income tax is cut, benefits are capped, more people have jobs, the state pension has increased, more pupils are in good schools, immigration from outside Europe is down, and more families have been helped to buy a home. This is a good start, but there is much more we still have to do.

Cutting Your Tax Bill

Our long-term economic plan is building a stronger, healthier economy and secures a better future for Britain. We're cutting taxes to help businesses grow and take on more people. Calculate how much income tax you'll save.

What We Achieved In 2014

When the Conservatives came into office in 2010, Britain was on the brink of bankruptcy. People were losing their jobs and families were worried about the future. So we took difficult decisions to get our economy back on track. Five years later, thanks to the measures we've taken and the hard work of the British people, the deficit has been halved, new businesses are opening up across the country, and there are a record number of people in work, with the security of a pay packet. We need to stay on the road to a stronger economy in this election year.