Successful Fly-tipping Prosecution

Borough of Poole Portfolio Holder for Environment and Consumer Protection and Conservative Councillor for Creekmoor ward John Rampton is celebrating a successful fly-tipping prosecution. 

A Bearwood resident was successfully prosecuted by the council following a trial at Bournemouth Magistrates Court on Friday 21 August 2015.The defendant, Lily Grace Davies, of Viscount Walk pleaded not guilty to disposing of a piece of carpet on private land adjoining Wheelers Lane, Poole. 

She claimed she was not physically capable of moving the carpet but after hearing evidence from a witness to the fly-tipping, the Court found that she disposed of the carpet by throwing it down an embankment. The Court ordered she pay fines and costs totalling £835. 

Cllr Rampton said: "Fly-tipping damages the environment and costs Poole council taxpayers to clear up. It is also unnecessary as our Household Waste Recycling Centre is available for all Poole residents to use. This successful prosecution demonstrates our determination to tackle this issue and we will continue to prosecute offenders where we have sufficient evidence."    

Information about the Household Waste Recycling Centre