Statement from our Chairman and Deputy Chairmen: We believe Baden-Powell should stay

As with many Poole residents, the three of us are all very proud to have been involved in the Scouting and Guiding movement, which offers opportunities and sometimes life-changing experiences to young people across the world, and started in Poole just over 112 years ago. We were therefore utterly dismayed to hear last night that the Lib Dem led BCP Council planned to remove the statue of Lord Baden-Powell from his rightful place on Poole Quay. 

We wanted, therefore, to put on record both our wholehearted opposition to this statue removal and our support for the Scouting movement which, for more than a century, has done so much good across the world, and is rightly celebrated in the town we love.

Only yesterday our Chairman commented that Tuesday night's tied vote of no confidence in the current administration of the Council left an 'inexperienced, indecisive and ineffective' leadership 'in office, but not in power'. This, the first decision taken after this vote exemplifies that and is a textbook example of poor leadership and judgement.  From our discussions today with residents across Poole - and indeed the country - it is clearly almost universally considered to be the wrong move.

As well as the very idea of removing the statue being the wrong call, chaos and confusion seems to have surrounded the Council's announcement, with details of the move changing as events unfolded.

Put simply, we believe that this decision was a mistake from start to finish - and we stand firm with residents who disagree with this statue's removal. 

We will continue, as always, to work for you - the residents of BCP - to bring about a truly representative Council, better able to respond to the the town’s needs, and firmly in favour of celebrating our proud heritage. 

Kind regards,

Ann Stribley, Chairman PCA 
Craig Allison, Deputy Chairman PCA
Tom Lintern-Mole, Deputy Chairman PCA


Promoted by Ann Stribley on behalf of Poole Conservatives, both at PCA, 38 Sandbanks Road, Poole, BH14 8BX