Poole Residents Are Well Satisfied

Almost nine out of ten people in Poole are satisfied with their local area, according to a major survey of residents across the borough. 

The council invited 6,000 residents to take part in the Shaping Poole Survey and give their views on life in Poole and a range of local services, including refuse collections, public transport and leisure facilities.

Almost 1,900 people replied to the survey and 88% of people who responded said they were satisfied with their local area as a place to live. Overall, 71% of people said they were satisfied with the council, compared to 61% when the survey was last held in 2011.

The survey also showed high rates of satisfaction among users of several important council services, including: 

  • Beaches - 93% (of users were satisfied)
  • Refuse collection - 91%
  • Parks and open spaces - 88%
  • Libraries - 87%
  • Museums - 76%
  • Local transport information - 68%

Residents said the most important factors in making somewhere a good place to live were:

  • Levels of crime
  • Health services
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Clean streets 

They said their top priorities for improving their local area were:

  • Road and pavement repairs
  • Traffic congestion
  • Affordable housing
  • Clean streets

The council and other agencies within Poole Partnership will use the findings from the Shaping Poole Survey to inform important decisions on local services. 

Cllr Elaine Atkinson, Leader of the Council, Borough of Poole, said: "I would like to thank every resident who took the time to respond to our Shaping Poole Survey. These results offer us a valuable insight into the progress the council and its partners are making to improve the quality of life for the people of Poole. In a time of financial austerity for the public sector, it is really pleasing to see residents' satisfaction with the council and many of its key services continue to rise."

More information about the Shaping Poole Survey: www.poole.gov.uk/shapingpoolesurvey2014