Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes Visits Poole

Minister of State for Immigration Caroline Nokes visited Poole today. She spoke to a business lunch in Poole about the challenges of dealing with immigration post-Brexit and the need to get a proper balance between controlling immigration whilst keeping a supply of skilled labour to local business and the NHS.

The event was chaired by Sir Robert Syms, MP for Poole, who gave time for Caroline to answer several questions, principally about immigration.

Sir Robert said: "It was great to have Caroline in Poole, to have a dialogue with local business people about their employment needs in the future. She took on board many of the points made and said that in due course the Government would be bringing a new immigration bill to set a new framework for immigration policy in the future.

"A number of local business people who run language schools said that there have been a number of recent changes that were helping them but they needed much more communication in order for us to continue to compete for students with Australia and Canada."