Have Your Say on the Poole Neighbourhood Plan

If you live locally, we invite your views on the Poole Quays Forum Neighbourhood Plan. The plan will guide the future development, regeneration and conservation of parts of Poole Town and Lower Hamworthy.

Poole Cabinet member for planning and regeneration Cllr Ian Potter: “The neighbourhood plan area will see a lot of change over the coming years including new residential and commercial development. We welcome everyone’s views on the plan. It is particularly important that local people who live, work and carry out business within the plan area, and those who may be affected by development in this area, comment on the policies being proposed by the Neighbourhood Forum. I would urge people to actively engage in the consultation so that the inevitable growth that takes place in this central area of Poole, will be sustainable for generations to come.” 

Neighbourhood plans give local people the power to shape the area where they live or work and, if adopted, will form part of the statutory development plan for the area. The PQF plan will be taken into account when decisions are made on planning applications. 

The Poole Quays Forum Neighbourhood Plan contains a vision, aims and objectives, and planning policies for improving Poole Old Town, Poole Quay, and Poole High Street south of the railway line. Hamworthy Local Centre is also within the plan area, as is the eastern part of Hamworthy including the Port of Poole and the regeneration area including the former power station site. 

Poole ward member for Hamworthy East Cllr Mike White: "We are pleased that Lower Hamworthy and the regeneration sites are included in this plan along with the local Hamworthy shopping centre. This is a real opportunity for residents to help shape the future of this area."

We encourage people who live and work in and around the plan area to have their say on the vision, aims and objectives, and planning policies contained in the plan. 

A six week consultation will run from Monday 21 March to Monday 2 May 2016. Following the consultation, an independent examination and local referendum will determine whether to adopt the plan. 

You can view the proposed Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents here.

You can forward your comments in an online survey here.