Go to the Library, Get a Job

Libraries are more than just repositories for books. They serve as hubs for the delivery of a range of services that can benefit residents in their catchment areas. These services cover not only access to information tailored for specific practical needs but also the provision of a supportive environment for the serious business of applying for jobs, such as preparing CVs and developing interview skills. 

Rossmore library in Poole has been a great success as a jobs hub, where people are supported in the heart of their own communities to write their CVs, apply for jobs, prepare for interviews, and learn more about their prospective future employers. Its success rate in getting its applicants to interviews and then into employment is higher than that of the Job Centre for the area.

Conservative Penn Hill Councillor Xena Dion, who is Portfolio Holder for Local Economy, Culture and Leisure, has this to say: "If you have residents in that area or that are out of work in large numbers, then please have a look for yourself and recommend they visit. The staff bend over backwards to help people who often have had bad experiences at other job places."

This week the Borough of Poole has announced that a new jobs hub in Hamworthy will open on Monday, 22 June 2015. By working with partners including Poole Library Services and Tomorrows People, Poole CVS will be delivering this new jobs hub at Hamworthy Library on Mondays between 10 am and 12 noon.


Rossmore Library, Herbert Avenue, Poole BH12 4HR

Hamworthy Community Library, Blandford Road, Poole BH15 4BG