Engagement Forums

1) What is a Local Engagement Forum ?

We now ask that for any major development the developer consults with residents about his proposals before submitting a planning application. This “ Local Engagement Forum” usually takes the format of a public meeting or exhibition. This allows for very early public engagement with the developer and will hopefully assist in avoiding surprises on both sides and with getting developments that are more in line with residents’ aspirations. Poole is well ahead of the emerging Government Localism agenda here.


2) What is a Member Engagement Forum  ?

This is similar to the Local Engagement Forum above and usually consists of a developer presentation and Question and Answer session with elected members.  These meetings usually take place monthly.



Affordable Housing

1) What is our strategy for Affordable Housing ?

In simple terms we seek to achieve a “benchmark” level of 40% on all developments of six or more dwellings.


2) Is Poole doing anything special to encourage Affordable Housing ?

Yes indeed. The Council has recently approved the principle of using Council land holdings to deliver 100 new affordable homes over the next 4 years. This should enable us to attract government funding of roughly £20K per dwelling. Work is now underway to identify suitable sites.