Mike White - Hamworthy

Mike has been a Councillor for Hamworthy (formerly Hamworthy East) since 2003. He lives in Hamworthy with his wife Jennifer, a local therapist, and they have three grown children.

As a former senior manager with a major international computer company, Mike has worked on four continents and is used to getting value for money and making things happen. Mike has been Deputy Leader of the Council and has held several responsibilities in Cabinet, including: planning, regeneration and capital projects.

Mike has been at the forefront of many successful campaigns for funds to improve Hamworthy. These include the Twin Sails Bridge and approach roads, the new library, Hamworthy Park play equipment, and the proposed park footbridge over the railway.

Mike's ward campaign pledges

  1. Investing in Hamworthy: Having secured close to £50M in the last few years we will continue to fight for further significant investment in Hamworthy.
  2. Improved community facilities: We will deliver further improvements to the beaches and facilities in Hamworthy Park and other open spaces. We will seek continued improvements in our schools and work towards better public use of school facilities.
  3. Community safety: We will continue to work closely with the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team, residents and other bodies to reduce vandalism and anti-social behaviour.
  4. Hamworthy regeneration: We will fight to ensure that developments in Lower Hamworthy are supported by appropriate community facilities and make a positive contribution to the area in terms of open space, good design, employment opportunities and low cost housing.


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