Social and Business Clubs

Poole Conservatives offers a range of social activities for its members. Some are open to all while certain groups require an additional membership subscription:

Cabinet Club The Poole Cabinet Club is a business grouping which meets four times a year over breakfast. It is hosted by our MP, Sir Robert Syms, who briefs the group on the latest developments in Westminster and answers questions raised by members of the group. For more details, please contact the office on 01202 739922 or

Conservative Women's Committee 
The committee is there to promote Conservative values and also to fundraise throughout the party. Jannine Styles organises this committee and she is always looking for new members. For more details, please call Janine Styles on 01202 707815.

Investment Club                 
A monthly opportunity to play the stock market. Join with other like minded people and using skill and judgment to make a profit. For more details, please call Keith Sanders on 01202 701948 or, or our office on 01202 739922 or

The Patrons Club                                 
By becoming a member of the Patrons Club you will not only have contributed to the local association by your membership but you will have the opportunity to attend two free good quality events in the year. One Cocktail Party and one Dinner usually held at the Mansion House or Haven Hotel. Previous events have been held at the Chewton Glen Hotel and on HMS Warrior. For more details, please contact Craig Allison on 07904 069 891 or our office on 01202 739922 or

200 Club                                              
This club offers you the chance of winning cash prizes each month and a fabulous top prize of around £200 - 300 depending on participation and you will also help raise funds for the Association. To join, renew or for more details, please contact our office on 01202 739922 or