Cllr John Rampton - Creekmoor

John was first elected in May 2003 and has held a key responsibility in the regulatory areas. He is Chairman of the Licensing Committee and it's various sub committees looking at strategic policy around licensing as well as overseeing individual licensing applications.
John has a keen interest in the natural environment and wants to ensure that the continued regeneration of Poole brings appropriate benefits for all residents of Poole.
John strives to ensure that all Council services are accessible to vulnerable people and their families and this is reflected in his involvement in Health, Social Care and Wellbeing. 

Positions - 
Chairman of Licensing Committee
Member of Efficiency & Effectivness Overview & Scrutny Committee
Member of Health & Social Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee 

Outside Bodies
Council Representative on Fire Authority
Council Representative on Creekmoor Community Association
Council Representative on Poole CAB Management Committee
Council Representative on South West Home & Leisure Safety Council
Council Representative on Upton Park Liaison Forum