South West UKIP MEP Votes Against Public Interest - Again!


The European Parliament has this month voted on a package of telecoms reforms that have resulted in a number of positive proposals including an end to mobile roaming fees across the EU.


It has been agreed in the European Parliament that with effect from 15 December 2015, roaming providers shall not levy any surcharge in comparison to the charges for mobile communications services at domestic level on roaming customers in any Member States for any regulated roaming call made or received, for any regulated roaming SMS/MMS message sent and for any regulated data roaming services used, nor any general charge to enable the terminal equipment or service to be used abroad.


Commenting on the news, Mrs Girling, Conservative MEP for South West England and Gibraltar said; "I am pleased that action taken by the European Parliament on this matter will have a positive impact on holidaymaker's lives, help them to save money when they are using their mobile phone in the EU. This is a good example of how Brussels can have a positive impact.


I was disappointed to learn that UKIP MEP William Dartmouth voted against the measured - I simply cannot understand why he would want people using their phone abroad to continue to be penalised in the same way they are currently.


What Mr Dartmouth doesn't seem to understand is that people use their mobiles and tablet devices daily and do so when on holiday. These changes are good news for consumers and I am proud to have supported them."